Activity for IWB- Literacy activity on the book “The Lost Thing” by Shaun Tan

Here is a link to an IWB my partner and I created in our digital media tutorial

This IWB design focuses on handover

Lesson Procedure

– The book, ‘Lost Thing’, by Shaun Tan
– IWB slide
– Student workbooks
– Pencils

Outcomes of lesson:
– Explore adjectives
– To write a description of a scene/picture in the book using adjectives

1. State desired outcome of lesson to students.
2. Revise what adjectives are.
3. Read book to students. Use Think alouds focusing on adjectives.
4. Show students IWB slide. Explore the adjectives on the slide with the students. Revisit the scenes in the book.
5. Explain to students adjectives on the slide need to be matched with the scene they think describes the scene.
6. Begin with the first image. Ask one student to come up to the board and pick one adjective that they think describes the image. Ask students to state the noun the adjective relates to and why they think it fits. Discuss with class each students choice.
7. Repeat process until all adjectives are allocated to a scene. The ‘infinite cloner’ can be used as a tool if students feel an adjective relates to both the scenes. The cloner will double the adjective on the slide. Ask students and discuss why some adjectives can be used to describe different nouns in both scenes.
8. When the IWB task is complete. Ask students if there are any other adjectives they can think of to describe the scenes. Write the students answers on the slide.
9. Tell students they will now write a short description of one of the scenes on the IWB slide. They can use the adjectives already on the slide or if they have any other adjectives they can use these aswell.

Key Idea for IWB use within classrooms

Technology might improve pedagogy if teachers and students engage with it and understand that technology is another pedagogical mean to achieve teaching and learning goals not just a stand alone tool (Higgins, Beauchamp and Miller, 2007). Our IWB activity connects with students’ independent writing and can hopefully guide students in writing more adjective full descriptions. Miller et al.(2004a) cited in Higgins et al. (2007) explains that there is a 3 step process of pedagogical development in developing effective teaching with IWB technology. One step of the process is that teachers should endeavour to “stimulate interactivity by questioning and involvement of pupils” (pp. 6-7). In our activity as it is a handover activity, students are directly involved in the activity by sliding the appropriate adjectives to match a particular scene. In addition, as part of the activity the teacher stimulates discussion with students by asking students about their choices. Also, the teacher asks students to brainstorm any other adjectives they can think and adds it to the adjective collection on the IWB.

Higgins, S., G. Beauchamp, and D. Miller (2007), Reviewing the literature on interactive whiteboards, Learning, Media and technology, 32(3), 213-225.


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