Educational Blog models for the classroom

There is an abundance of blogs in the online realm. Here are 3 educational blogs that each could be used in the classroom as a model for an effective blog.

Learning Legends at Lonnie

This Blog is a blog set up by 112 grade 3-6 students with their teachers from Point Lonsdale Primary School in Victoria. They use this blog in order to share their learning with their community and the rest of the world. 

This blog would be a good blog to show students in grades 3-6 (ages 8-12 years old).


– Blogging guidelines which supports online safety awareness for the bloggers as well as the readers

– Has easy to read summary of how to write a good comment.

– Has some excellent sample comments made by teachers and students. Features of these blogs could be explained to the students.

– The blog also connects to individual students’ blogs which could also be shown as modals to the students on how they could create their own blogs.

– Posts are polite and inoffensive.


– It has an excellent layout with a good colour scheme. Content is easy to read and it is not cluttered. There is also a good colour scheme which helps the blog be more readable. 

– There is pictures of the school, school emblem and of the students. This gives readers a sense of the students and their school. In addition it makes the blog more attractive and engaging.

– Has a total number of views counter which could be very interesting for students to see how many visitors come to their blog

Bethany’s Blog

This is a student’s blog from Point Lonsdale Primary School in Victoria.

This blog is appropriate for grades 3-6 (ages 8-12)


– The post has information about many things e.g. her interests, what kind of things she gets up to

– The post also has pictures. To animate her blog as well as helps her express her interests

– Tag line to her blog, “I’ve got a blog and im not afraid to use it”.

– Headings to her posts

– Polite and inoffensive posts and comments


– Excellent  layout and colours to make blog readable

– Dated List of her posts and her comments

Techie kids

This blog was chosen because it’s an excellent class blog example from overseas to get students excited about communicating to other students overseas. Its a blog created by 27 grade 5 students from Michigan in the USA.

The blog would also be a good example to show students in grades 3-6 (ages 8-12 years old).


These 3 blogs were acquired from the website, Edublogs. This website has a list of a variety of class blogs that can be accessed through this link.


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