Review of ‘Greenwashing’ by the Media Show

Tutorial Week 1 (March 17th)

Greenwashing- The Media Show

The short 3 minute YouTube clip is of 2 quirky puppets chatting about how companies market themselves and their products to look environmental friendly, green and sustainable when in actual reality they are not what they are portraying. The puppets discuss how companies such as BP and Monsanto use marketing techniques in their advertising to deliberately mislead consumers. The video directs viewers to Terror Choice’s website, an environmental marketing firm, where it identifies a number of environmental marketing firm sins such as the sins of vagueness and fibbing.

The clip can be used as a resource to help teach kids at school that they need to think critically of information that is presented to them on the internet and in the media. Importantly it can teach kids to understand that they should question information portrayed them. It can assist them to realise that they need to be critical of products they are consuming and/or buying and the companies they support. The clip can help demonstrate the point that kids can use the internet in order to inform themselves about companies and their products. For instance using the internet site Greener Choices  to explore what ‘All natural’ and ‘Free Range’ actually mean. I believe it’s also crucial to teach kids  how to critically evaluate the validity of internet sites and also the importance of using other sources other then the internet to investigate the truthfulness of information.


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