Ipads and Digital Stories :)

Ipads if implemented appropriately can produce significant benefits for students’ development in literacy. The article, ‘iPads and Kindergarten – students’ literacy development’ by Jones (2012) highlights benefits for using ipads within the kindergarten classroom. The article highlights that ipads can really help shift students’ learning from teacher to student focused.

Some benefits of ipad applications (e.g creating movies) portrayed in the article include:

  • It can stimulate levels of engagement within the classroom significantly.

  • It can help students develop their technological capabilities along with their literacy.

  • Learning needs can be identified through integration, tracking and recording of student learning.

  • Students can develop their literacy by learning about narrative structure. Students can order and retell stories aswell as create their own or summarise/restate texts they have seen. Through this students can really develop on their communication through dialoque.

  • Students and teachers can reflect on learning by playing back on movies created and recorded by students.

While using the Ipad applications it is important that teachers assess and continually plan in order to identify the learning needs of their students using the ipad applications.


Jones, M. (2012), ipads and kindergarten- students literacy development, SCAN31(4), 31-40.



PlaySchool Art Maker app 

What it does:

The app is a very playful and useful resource. You select your own characters and backgrounds and record your own short stories. You are able to create your own dialogue and move your chosen characters around.

Difficulty of use:

The app is not too difficult to use if modelled appropriately to students.

Aspects of app that can be used in my classroom:

The app can be used within the classroom to help students create narrative sequences, model dialogue and improve on their storytelling and oral language. After stories are created students could retell each other’s stories in their own words. Students could also participate in activities that involve describing their scenes and recognising verbs in their scenes and what their characters are doing.


Puppet pals

What it does:

The app allows you to choose from a variety of different characters and backgrounds in order for you to create and record your own stage play. The app allows you to move your characters and voice your own dialogue on a stage.

Difficulty of use:

The app is somewhat difficult to use. It is important to modal how to use the app with younger children as it is abit complex to recognise how to use different functions. E.g. changing backdrop, zooming in or out of the play backdrop and characters.

Aspects of app that can be used in my classroom:

The app can be used within the realm of drama and creative writing. Students could write their own plays and dialogue. It could be used as a planning tool for students in creating plays. A very cool feature of the app is you can use your own photos and backdrops to make the plays. So students could create their own plays that are more personally relevant to them.